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Thank you everyone for your support and passion for health and vitality.

Zippy has had a wonderful year and is now being promoted by a resort hotel spa and a golf destination in utah. Zippy expanded on the white space of the golf ball to add red, white, and blue original representations for six sports in 2018. In addition to Swimming and Diving, four new limited edition T-Handle Zippys are described below. And, we started $6.99 end of year pricing to clear out the shelves to make room for the next batch of devices in 2019.

Zippy has been to the Great Wall this year, and was a gift to future tennis stars for self treatment. Zippy may look like a toy, but it is a wonderful gift for nearly everyone: athletes, musicians, elders, youngsters! Easy to use for treating everyday aches and pains, rest and relaxation, and recovery!

Winter 2018 Limited Edition “Pick a Sport” T-Handles!!

End of year Pricing makes Zippy super affordable for teams and individuals. Great for personal and/or professional use.

Four limited imprints for Winter 2018

Made in the USA! Red and blue figures on white evoke the spirit of sport. Our collection started with the Swimming, Diving, and POW/MIA limited editions. We are adding Volleyball, Snowboard, Golf, and Tennis.

The Zippy logo and art are pad printed for durability. A portion of each sport related Zippy goes to USA Teams or appropriate charity.


Falling into Winter Pricing Changes

1 Zippy (any model) - $6.99

Per Dozen (any models) - $70.00

Per Hundred - quoted on request, subject to availability

In progress. Ends December 31, 2018 or while supplies last.

Four new limited edition Zippy T-Handle models in black shell, with figures representing Snowboard, Golf, Tennis, and Volley Ball!