Zippy’s Continued Adventures


Well, Zippy and traveling companions had a really fun time in Kuala Lumpur. But, the time came when we all needed to head back to work. The new place for that work was Singapore; at the Women’s Tennis Association’s World Championships.   


Singapore is a city, country located off the southern tip of Malaysia. It is a melting pot of people: Malay, Indian, Chinese, Singaporeans and others from all over the world. It has a population of around 3 million people and they have proven to be very ingenious in bringing their country from a third world nation to a first world country in just one generation!

Singapore was a British Colony. It was occupied by the Japanese during WWII. Following the war it gained its independence from Britain and was part of Malaysia in 1963. Singapore split from Malaysia in 1965 becoming its own country. It has become a major hub for finance, logistics (having one of the largest ports in the world), and technology.

Singapore is palm trees and lagoons; markets and huge malls; high end shopping and cricket! We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and were greeted in our room by this cool little elephant. Our view from the 48th floor was over the water of the bay. Facing east we got the beautiful sunrises in the morning and Zippy could look out on the famous ‘Gardens by the Bay’. You can see them in the distance, the round structures on the right.  You can wonder through them for hours. Shortly after our arrival came some goodies from the tournament welcoming us in. Zip was feeling quite at home.


Soon after arrival it was time to head to site of the WTA World Championships in Women’s Tennis. Setting up the training room and massage area was in order.  The site is large and included the National Stadium where football (our soccer!) is played, as well they have a large indoor arena that was converted into Center Court. If you enjoy tennis the World Championships is what you want to watch. The top 8 singles players and the top 8 doubles teams compete for the title. The singles play a round robin sequence then the top two players from each bracket play the semifinals and finals. Every match is like a final anywhere. The caliber of tennis is just awesome! Zippy had the opportunity to check out the arena.

Zippy: checking out the view from the line judge’s seat; on center court and a view from the end line.

I know there has been some time since out last blog but keep an eye out as we have some cool Zippy adventures yet to come. The next installment will be all about the main reason that Zippy and 50 of his buds came all the way to Singapore.

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That is enough of my plug for this great little tool. Keep an eye out for some of Zippy’s final adventures on the other side of the world!!

Lee Stang, LMT