Grasp the shell or handle of your Zippy and hold it as perpendicular, as straight up as you can relative to the body part in therapy, resting the bottom of the golf ball on the affected surface, gently rolling ball to initiate relaxation and improved circulation responses immediately.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Moving moisture through muscle and connective tissue is the point of our grasping, squeezing, poking, prodding, pressing, rubbing, and such; the self massage therapy we do when we have a strain or sprain, a cramp, foot pain, hand pain and stiffness, jaw pain, neck and shoulders, cramps, and so on. Our bodies demonstrate for us that simple physical manipulation achieves a introductory state of relaxation, increasing blood flow to bring in fresh oxygenated blood as a response to contact/touch, and reduction in pain. Continued pressure from the touch and continued manipulation increases the local circulation alleviating pain and discomfort. Fresh blood in, capillary action refreshed, followed by further relaxation, cell waste out, clean, repeat.


Hands and Feet 

Arms, Chest, Back, and Shoulders

Hips and Legs

Occipital Belly

Head and Neck




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