Testimonials — What you've said. And we appreciate it.

I am a Division I strength and conditioning coach. We have been using the Zippy RBT for several months and have found it exceptionally beneficial. The device is small enough to easily be carried in a backpack and can allow for very precise spot work of muscle and fascia. We actually had a sport purchase one for each team member so they can have them available at all times. Some of the team members use them prior to practice to get ready while others use them after practice to relieve sore and tired muscles. I have even heard some team members mention having used them between classes or while at home before going to sleep. I believe the Zippy RBT could be a positive addition to anyone’s soft tissue “toolbox”.
— Div I Coach
Hi Jim. I received your products and thank you very much. I went to a Massage Therapist meeting the next day a gave a few out. The four different MTs I gave them to seemed to like them. I could see the Zippy working well for the pectoral area on large breasted women. I will let you know how we go over the coming months. I have told the others to check out your website and to order directly off you if need be. As I see other MTs I will get the other Zippy’s out there for test runs. Thanks, Sue.
— Suzanne Tolcon Remedial Massage Therapy - Perth, Dianella, Morley. March 1, 2015 4:54 AM
I love my zippy too! Its basically a golf ball that rotates inside the orange casing. Hold onto the handle and massage it along your IT band or any muscle group that is tight. Great for athletes!
— Pam Fricke Smith - Facebook
I LOVE my Zippy! I think they need this product on Shark Tank!!! I see a booth at every gymnastic meet. I showed it to some dancers today too. Like that it fits in my pocket! A must for any athlete or old fart like me who likes massage!
— Posted on Facebook.
Found a new use for my Zippy. Slept awkwardly last night and did something to my hip, used it on area when i woke up. Pain “Gone in 60 seconds”
— Coach - Zed
Hey James I wanted to thank you so much for building me the triple zippy! It’s been a life changer in my range of motion and stretching routine. Used it so much we’ve worn the dimples right off the golf balls! Just wanted to let you know your product is making a difference for me and I really really appreciate you customizing for my needs!
— Riley Poor
It worked better than I expected. The consistent pressure as it rolled across my arms was nice. I used it on my forearms.
— LMT3
(I) use it on various body areas of my patients. they are happy with the different form of treatment plus I get to save my hands/ fingers when I need to put pressure on an area. the zippy allows me to go harder and yet save my hands
I feel it is a device clients may want to own for their own self care.
— LMT5
I have spoken to some colleagues and advised that this is a great way to get into the muscle with little efforts!!!
— LMT6
I think that after a few more uses I will get a better feel for its use and as a CEU educator I will probably use them in the classes that I teach.
— LMT/Educator
I have used for massage and self-care for fibromyalgia and TMJ.
I expected the Zippy to help, but was pleasantly surprised how much it did! I use it on the sides and back of my head to relieve spasms.
The device was better than expected...it works really well! I am very pleased with it.
— JF - Home user
I coach a girls cross country team and they love them! I have shown them to many other coaches who are interested in the devices.
— Michigan High School Track Coach
Love my zippy. Helped my aching bones after Tough Mudder and eased my tense muscles before my 1st 1/2 marathon. Love Love My Zippy
— JoJo P. "tuffmuddergirl"
I have used it for trigger point work in the back as well as for “crunchies” in the feet.
— LMT9
I have the T-handle and use it with patients where I want to get some deeper work with out digging but can still control the pressure
— LMT2
I found it works great on the soles of the feet and especially the hardened heels.
— LMT4
I like the zippy massage device, I have used it for self care so far but it allows me to get into those places that I just cant get enough pressure working on myself.
— LMT6
First impression was that the idea was so simple, why didn’t I think of that. Usually the simple things work best. It seems to be sturdy and should last and it can be used in a number of ways and that makes it more valuable of a tool
— LMT3
I love it! I actually find I tend to use the golf ball as a handle, and the ‘wings’ (T-Handle) to massage the muscles with. I find they are very very effective.
— LMT8
I’ve used it and so have my daughter and son. We really like the rocker handle design. I particularly like using the Zippy on my temporalis muscle, masseter, and occipital belly on my head. Thus far, there is nothing that compares to the Zippy when applied to the muscles of the head. Thanks again!
— Friend
At the age of 15, I started to develop tension and inflammation in my thighs (quadriceps) and my calves (gastrocnemius muscle). Treatments included anti-inflammatory medication, potassium supplements, stretching regimen and massage therapy, which was too painful to be effective.
My Zippy devices have been fantastic! I use a combination of both Zippy double prototype and Zippy Rocker to massage target areas to relieve stress and muscle pain. Zippy Rocker stays by my lounge chair for quick massage of small muscle pain and discomfort due to everyday physical activities and work related soreness.
My Zippy double prototype is used to relieve the pain that persists in larger areas of muscle, in particular, my thighs and calves. Previously, I could not massage my calves by hand or any other device without causing unbearable pain. Zippy double prototype allows me to apply even, controlled pressure to them without pain. I have noticed a difference in the frequency of tension in my legs after using Zippy double prototype for only one month.
— Caleb S.
Zippy (Rocker) handle device is a great tool to go deep into muscles. My clients love it as do I.
— LMT3
What is nice about the Zippy is that you can use it for rolling over muscle spasms, but you can also press down harder and use it to release trigger points, holding it in place.
— JF - Home user
I loved the Zippy ecspecially for self massage as I was able to get good pressure on my neck muscles which is normally hard to do. Also I have been renovating a new office and came home with a lot of bicep and forearm pain. The Zippy was perfect for reaching those areas which again is hard for me to do with just my hands and fingers. I found that i was able to get consistent pressure in running down the muscle during the massage. Clients have seemed to enjoy it.
— LMT7

I love the Zippy! I love that the ball does not come out of it. Also, the orange color so it’s easy to find. The spaball caddy is clear and 2 separate pieces so to me it’s not as good. I suppose some people - particular in the massage industry - might find that a plus as far as disinfecting it, but the Zippy seems easy enough to clean. The only negative thing I can say about the design of the Zippy is just wondering how well it will hold up. For instance, if it’s dropped, will it come apart? But, it’s not really a negative because I don’t know the answer. And also, I’m guessing they won’t break and will hold up well.

I hope you wanted a detailed review because that’s what you’re getting. :) Now, for the difference in the 2 types...

I ordered the basic and you sent me the T-handle as well. I’m so glad you did - thank you again - because I like the T-handle better. It seems to me like I have more control over it when using the T-handle one. The basic is great for its being more compact and keeping it in my purse though. I would buy either one of them again at the retail price. And I would definitely buy the Zippy over the Spaball because it doesn’t come apart.

You have a great product Jim! I did a google search again before sending this email of “golf ball massage” and Zippy still doesn’t come up, but as you said it may take some time. I’m going to post an amazon review as well. Speaking of amazon, you need all your pictures to be in focus on there! You have a beautiful website - www.zippyrbt.com - with great pictures and videos... and then on amazon the pictures make it look like some fly-by-night company is selling the product. I don’t mean to be insulting... just giving you an honest opinion.

Anyway, thank you so much for making such a great product and also for sending me the T-handle ones as well. That was so nice of you!

God bless,
Janet Willem
— Personal email comment.