Free Zippy's - To Youth, Seniors, Active Duty Military!

Let’s start with our kids… Our seniors 65+… Our Active duty military….

Last year Zippy made it to Singapore, where, forty-eight future tennis stars received a Zippy T-Handle golf ball massage device. Lee Stang, the person who generously offered to take Zippy to Asia for these girls also provided group training and reference materials for using Zippy as a personal care device. Stevie and I enjoyed the stories from the trip and appreciate knowing our products are worthy of recommendation by a world class massage therapist, they are safe for kids of any age, compact, and easy to use, even courtside. You can read about Zippy’s adventures in Asia in our Blog.

Now the desire is to get more Zippy’s into the hands of many more folks, and honor a cousin I never met. Zip Zediker, the cousin i never met, who did wonderful, humble, yet great things in his life. I wanted Zippy to do something in his honor. What better way than to invest in kids, seniors, and active duty military? Pay for the shipping and we send a Zippy. Paying forward the good we know to our kids, seniors, and military can use is a start.

How will be do this? Three Offers in the Pilot Plan.

Two Hundred Zippy’s available directly from Inventory for Youth Athletes 10-19

Two Hundred Zippy’s available directly from Inventory for Adult Seniors 65+

Two Hundred Zippy’s available directly from Inventory for Active Military Personnel.

The Basic terms of these offers is simple. If you qualify through one of these group memberships, and if you pay shipping we will send you the Zippy of your choice at no additional charge. One per person. Does not combine with regular purchases or other discounts. Deal?