Zippy for 2019 - Clearance

Zippy as a business has been an adventure for six years. We discovered a way to put the handle on a golf ball and set about to make golf ball massage a very popular personal pastime and add a great tool to the professional’s toolbox for themselves and their clients. We saw an unlimited potential for Zippy and put our money into the system to bring about an inexpensive, durable, and ultraportable tool to the market.

2019 looks to be the year for closing up shop . While 2018 brought us very close to breaking even thanks to the work of Britton Brown and Promentory Golf Resort, and, a purchase from a casino resort spa that came out of the blue, we are about done here it seems. Breaking even was the goal and we are only a few thousand dollars from that goal. Setting the goal and sticking to it was very difficult given my emotional bond with the product, appreciation of our customers, search for avenues to get Zippy devices into the hands of our future athletes so they have another wellness tool as they grow and strive. The goal was not met. As a result, Zippy either revives itself with some volume of sales beyond current inventory before the end of August or goes dark by Sept 1. Simple.

We will continue our marketing to sell off our current inventory. Prices will not go above $6.99 during the inventory clearance. Changes will be made to the website in the next few days to reflect the current situation.

Take advantage of the values while inventory lasts and pass on the info to your family and friends.

Thanks again.