Zippy in the Bird Park - Lee Stang, LMT

Touring Kuala Lumpur


One of the things you notice about Malaysia is not only the heat but the humidity. Folks tell us that the weather in Kuala Lumpur was actually mild with temperatures being in the 80-90s and the humidity being less than 90%! Not sure I believe that as it was pretty hot. We did learn that when it started to drizzle one should expect a downpour within 10 minutes! We were absolutely drenched on the first night as we came home from a walking tour of the local market.


Even Zippy got soaked! But that did not deter us from scheduling some exciting days in KL including a full day food tour!

But our first stop was an adventurous day at the national Bird Park, Tamanburung. It was really a pretty neat place where birds were protected but could fly around or meander as they pleased. 


Zippy’s first adventure was simply observing the sights like this beautiful gentleman that greeted us upon entry! Or the lovely scenery that  provided  these birds both safety and freedom.


We were actually prepared this time when the drizzle started as we were pretty sure that the torrential rains were about to hit. Luckily we were under this outcropping and waterfall so at first didn’t know it was raining, but then it poured! We anticipated something like this so had found what amounted to a dollar store and purchased not only umbrellas but these nifty rain coats that were quite a fashion statement if I do say so! I think other visitors were jealous!

After the rain we were able to venture into the bird areas and Zippy was able to engage with some of what became our feathered friends.  This guy was curious, kept looking out of the corner of his eye at the Zip.   He started to come closer then decided he was just going to ignore!

Then there were the parrots. Beautiful colors and quite friendly. They looked like they had been painted. One little guy (or gal!) was quite curious and actually picked Zippy up and tossed him into the pen area! Thinking he might have wanted to keep the Zip! Lucking an area worker assisted and brought Zippy back up to the walk-way where we could continue our tour!

)ops! Zippy takes a spill or was actually pushed! But survived to travel on!

Some of the other sights included these lovely birds.  

Another great day.  


Lee Stang, LMT