Zippy at the Great Wall

Zippy On Tour (update):

Well, Zippy has been quite busy on this Asian swing, working in both Wuhan and Beijing; then getting ready for the championships in Singapore.  So as any athlete or Massage Therapist (or tool) knows, recovery and self-care are tremendously important for ones ability to continue this work. With that in mind Zippy decided it was important to take some time to rejuvenate with some time away from the training and massage rooms and get out and about in the very exciting places visited!

Zippy on the great wall: We started out walking across this small dam onto a path that lead to this Farmer’s gate.  You could see parts of the wall leading down to the dam. We proceeded up the trail and  through the back yard of a local farmer’s property. Paid 5 Yuan which is about 0.72¢ to access the wall through the property. Then we climbed this big ladder to actually get onto the wall! It was a location that generally tourists do not go so we had the wall to ourselves!

The dam we had to traverse                                  Seeing the wall for the first time                                                         

The Farmer’s house                  Ladder to the wall!

The Wall goes on for as far as the eye can see!

It is quite impressive no matter where you sit to view it. And the energy in the area is magnificent!

 Lee Stang, LMT